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Keeping the Faith - Korean
Guidance for Christian Women Facing Abuse - Korean
Abolition of Sex Trafficking, The United Methodist Church
by the General Board of Church and Society, The United Methodist Church
The Winter Holidays for Battered Women
by Rev. Dr. Marie M. Fortune
God's Reconciling Love
A Pastor's Handbook on Domestic Violence
Conspiracy of Love
Living Through and Beyond Childhood Sexual Abuse
Bless Our Children
Preventing Sexual Abuse
Hear Their Cries and Bless Our Children - Combination>>>SALE
Two DVD Programs on Child Sexual Abuse
Pastoral Care for Domestic Violence (for Christian Audiences)>>>SALE
Case Studies for Clergy
Love Does No Harm: Sexual Ethics for the Rest of Us
A practical book about nonsexist sexual ethics in relation to family values.
Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church: Trusting the Clergy?
Spotlight Discussion Guide
Chaplain Edition: Pastoral Care for Domestic Violence
Case Studies for Clergy Special Chaplain Edition: Includes Both Christian and Jewish Versions
Sometimes We See Justice Made
When national Protestant denominations meet, there is a lot of necessary but mundane business that goes on. But sometimes something very important occurs and ...
Spring Break {File Under: Things We Tend To Take For Granted}
In the northern hemisphere, this is the season of spring. Each year I try to spend a week in the Smokey Mountains because spring here is an event that unfolds ...
Dear Pope: It's Me Again
Dear Pope: It’s been a while since I wrote to you. Like many people around the world, I’ve been watching your tenure closely, particularly regarding the ...
Preventing Child Sexual Abuse, Ages 5-8
Newly Revised 2012 - Sexual abuse prevention curricula. (Christian)
A Positive for the Church
Reykjavik, Iceland - Rev. Dr. Marie Fortune's interview with the press following her meeting with the Bishop of the Lutheran Church
Not in My Church
A DVD Training Program on Clergy Misconduct
A Day Full of Light: Ending Commercial Sexual Exploitation
by the Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)
Payne Theological Seminary: Ministerial Sexual Ethics Course Curriculum
Curriculum Package for Dr. Augman's Ministerial Sexual Ethics course at Payne Theological Seminary.Three texts including: Healthy Boundaries 201 Beyond Basics, ...
Christian Materials
Southern Baptist #ChurchToo
As the #MeToo/#ChurchToo movement continues to echo through faith communities, there is news from the Southern Baptist Convention. Southern Baptist leaders ...
The Rod of Guidance
by Sue Hille
When the Abuser Is Among Us: One Church’s Response to a Perpetrator
by Carol J. Adams